7. nov. 2009

The pages of my Grimoire

A good while ago i bought this lovely Book of Shadows from Brahm's Bookworks, and i have just recently started to fill the pages within.
I pondered for ages about what i wanted to put in it, since it only has limited number of pages, and i want it to be passed down through my future family. I found a solution that was right for me. I made 7 other books. One for each element (fire, earth, water, air and spirit) and a Book of the God and a Book of the Godess. Each of them will contain different things, and look different. I also made all of them from scratch in different ways, using different binding tecniques and covers. The Book of the Godess and the Book of the God are both unfinished. I have gathered the paper, but i will not bind them until i have filled them with everything. That is because how i'm making the pages (I will post images in a later post).

So now i am working on the pages for my Book of Shadows. It will contain all my rituals and information on general things concerning the sabbats, esbats and rituals.

The first page i made was ofcourse the book blessing. This i just printed out from my computer.

The next page was the Wheel Of The Year.

Then came Mabon. Never got around to filling it in though. Never got the time.

Mabon came and passed, and so did Samhain. I didn't have time to make the page for Samhain this year, but i will make it as soon as my exams are over and i'm going home to my familily for x-mas.
Now i am working on Yule. That wil come in post of it self.

I have also made a "planetary hours" page and a page with symbolic/magical alphabets, but i have to redo that one. Both because it's butt ugly and because i now have many, many other alphabets to add. Like the Mayan :).

aka Anibah

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